Our Privacy Policy


At Your Time Counselling Care we are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which fall within the Data Protection Act 2018.

As “data controllers” we are required to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). For more information about the ICO click here.

So, what does this mean for me as a client?

It means that we do not share, sell or disclose any information collected throughout the counselling process to third parties. We will hold, collate and process any information you give to us lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner. Your information will be held for no longer than is necessary for data processing purposes.

We will use your personal data for the following purposes:

·      To contract with you (as part of the agreement that is entered into between client and counsellor)

·      For internal record keeping (e.g. copies of emails, notes from sessions etc.)

·      To let you know about changes to our arrangements, or the service that is provided


Please (contact us) if you have any questions or concerns about the confidentiality of your personal data.