Many people consider counselling for a long time before they start looking for a counsellor. We recognise it is daunting thinking about talking to a complete stranger about your life and your feelings, and we want to reassure you that having taken the first difficult step, we have your best interests at heart.

We offer you the time and space to explore your world and your emotions. We don't offer advice, above all else, we will take the time to listen to you. Beyond listening it might help you to explore your past and how you feel about it in the present; and if it helps, we will work with you to develop coping strategies.

Whatever your reasons for coming to counselling, our focus is to try to help you understand your problems and how they affect you before supporting you in finding your own solutions.

It is important to understand that counselling is very often the start of a process that can take a long time. Some counselling clients are able to work through their issues and find resolutions comparatively quickly – the timescales are as different as people are.

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What our Clients say:

"It has been wonderful to have the support of my counsellor.  I feel more empowered to change my life"

"I felt I was listened to well for the first time in my life"