Sometimes it is difficult for those in professional caring roles to feel able to offload their concerns or to simply talk about their work. While many organisations have in-house provision, there is always the concern that it may ‘go on your record’. 

We understand that many people in caring professions carry a heavy burden of responsibility. We offer those in the medical sector, religious ministry, caring, education professionals, and social work settings the opportunity to share and offload your concerns and issues in complete confidence.

Because we are independent practitioners you will be able to talk about your work, your colleagues, your personal and client concerns, safe in the knowledge that anything you share will not be passed on to any professional bodies or HR departments. The service is confidential between client and counsellor.

We do not offer advice about your job (we understand that you are the experts in your field). We will listen and be there for you in your times of need; confident in the power of being heard and understood.

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What our Clients say:

"I feel more positive now"

"I feel good now and I am starting to do more things"